Corner kick betting details – Instructions on how to play

In addition to the main handicaps such as Asian handicaps, European handicaps…, the secondary handicaps are also very attractive to players. Currently corner kick bet Many bookmakers add it to matches to increase the drama, attracting a large number of bettors to participate. This paragraph SHBET will introduce to you in detail how to scan corner kick bet most accurate.

What is a corner kick bet?

Corner kick bet is a type of side bet and is also known as Corners. Bet results will be determined based on the total number of corners taken during the match.

Players participating in this type of bet only need to care about the number of corner kicks, not the score, the winning team, the losing team or the number of penalty cards…

Currently, most bookmakers include corners bets in matches. With simple gameplay and attractive payout rates, this type of bet attracts many bettors to participate.

However, to win you need to have an understanding of the playing styles of the two teams and make the most accurate decisions.

Some popular types of corner kick bets at bookmakers

Similar to other types of soccer bets sport, corners bets also have many different odds. Below are some popular types of bets that you can choose to participate in:

  • Full match over/under corner kick bet: This is a type of bet that calculates the result for the entire match. Players can choose to bet on over or under and the house will offer different odds for each match.

Here, the under is the number of corners taken in the match that will be less than the odds offered by the house. On the contrary, the over bet will be the total number of corners in the match and is greater than the odds offered by the house.

  • Full-match corners bet: This is a type of bet that many players are interested in. You just need to choose the team that handicaps the corner kick or the team that is handicapped. The house will base on the number of corners taken during the match and the handicap to decide the final result.
  • 1×2 corners bet: Players participating in 1×2 corners bet will not have to care about the handicap. You just need to choose to bet win – lose or draw for the match result. In addition, each bookmaker will have different odds.
  • Odd-even odds: Players participating in corner kick betting only need to guess whether the number of corners taken is even or odd in the soccer match and place a bet. For example, if the player bets on odd odds and the total match has 11 corner kicks, you will win and vice versa. 
  • First corners odds: This odds requires players to predict which team will take the first corner kick in that match.
  • Last Corners Betting: Players predict which team will take the last corner kick in the match.

Revealing the most accurate way to predict corner kicks

Although the gameplay is quite simple, you need to have the right strategy and prediction to have a chance to win. Below are some effective ways to predict corner kicks that you can refer to and apply:

Place bets at the “golden” time 

According to professional bettors, players should bet on corners in the first minutes of the match. This is the time when the players are at their most stable physical strength and performance.

Therefore, the two teams will create more attacks.

In addition, if the match has few or no goals in the first half, there is a high possibility that the second half will be more exciting. Therefore, the number of corner kicks also increased much more than in the first half.

Directly observe match developments 

Bookmakers will often place bets during the match, especially on the next corner. Therefore, players should not miss time watching the match to avoid losing “good” bets.
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In football, there are often many unexpected factors, so the match results can change and be different from what you predicted. Therefore, at any time, you can encounter a corner kick without warning.

Learn and analyze the two participating teams

Finding out information about the two teams participating in the competition is very necessary if you want to predict the correct angle. Players need to clearly understand the strength, history of competition results, playing styles, coaches… of the two teams.

This helps you have a more objective view and make the most accurate betting decisions.

In particular, you should review the confrontation results of the two previous teams. Because this will greatly affect the number of corners and the team taking corner kicks in the next match.

This article SHBET has compiled all the information about corner kicks that players should know. With the above betting methods, we hope you will refer to and apply them effectively when playing corners betting.

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