How to raise chickens to fight quickly – Tips and detailed instructions

With know-how Raising chickens to fight quickly until the battery, cockfighters can earn extra income and soon have the ability to enjoy endless fun. When the chicken is in good health, you no longer have to worry about taking it into battle. Learn tips from leading experts to quickly train a powerful fighting cock through the following article of cá cược thể thao Hi88.

Overview of how to raise chickens to fight quickly

Raising chickens to fight quickly until the battery is one of the metaphors for increasing the health of chickens. When it reaches “100% battery”, it means it is ready to fight. Not as simple as electronic devices, with animals, you have to spend more time and skills to get it to its best state. 

The cocker must have a deep understanding and know how to flexibly apply different methods of care and training. In particular, you also have to carefully calculate every step, from your diet to your daily physical training schedule. 

Only when both healthy and mentally steadfast can that cock be considered 100% perfect. It is for the reasons mentioned above that everyone wants to learn how Raising chickens to fight quickly until the battery. At that time, cockfighters did not have to worry about anything and could confidently conquer all tournaments with their fighters. 

The secret technique of raising fighting chickens quickly reaches the battery of cock masters

Just bringing chickens to raise does not mean you will succeed in owning a mighty fighting cock. You must be very careful right from the seed selection stage. Follow these instructions from leading experts in the field to ensure you own a 100% quality cock.

Choose good varieties

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly research the potential fighter. Some quality fighting chicken breeds that you should refer to are Ba Gia Loc, Rong Viet and Dong Co, etc. You can find satisfactory fighting chickens at Minh Tri, Long Xuyen or Da Bang chicken farms. 

In particular, cockers should also consider additional criteria such as shape, coat, physical condition and temperament. If it is a good breed, it will have tall, long legs, smooth fur and a straight back. At the same time, chickens also show agility by reacting when they see other male chickens around.

Provide a rich, nutritious diet 

Raising chickens to fight quickly until the battery Different from regular chickens, you have to set up your own nutritional regimen. Balance many different factors such as protein, glucid, lipid, etc. When fully provided with different substances, chickens will be healthy both physically and mentally. 

During each main meal, foods such as corn, rice, rice and other grains should be rotated so that the chickens do not feel bored eating. At the same time, it is supplemented with energy and carbohydrates every day. Besides, you should also pay attention to remove any seeds that are rough, flat or sprouted during the soaking process. 

Feed your chickens 2 meals a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Limit providing portions that are too large so that the cocks do not stay full for a long time. This is not good and will have extremely negative effects on the chicken’s digestive system. You should make sure to only feed enough during the day. 

Add extra food 

Next, players should supplement fiber, vitamins and minerals for fighting chickens through a number of different side foods such as green vegetables, fruits and bait. This way, you can Raising chickens to fight quickly until the battery

  • Green vegetables: spinach, kale, lettuce,…
  • Fruits: tomatoes, papaya or pumpkin,…
  • Protein: eggs, worms, crickets,…
  • Bait: Minced beef, crab, clams,…

In addition, wheat residue, sticky rice bran, and bathing rice bran will also contribute to adding essential fiber to chickens. However, you should not overdo it and should only feed it once a day. 

Exercise regularly according to the correct regimen 

In addition, cocks also need to regularly practice by jogging, sparring or tennis, etc. You will not be able to Raising chickens to fight quickly until the battery If you forget to train them in skills, endurance and quick reflexes. Be sure to follow the standard regime as follows:

  • Jogging: About 30 minutes/day
  • Rhythm: About 20 minutes/day 
  • Tennis: About 15 minutes/day
  • Wing: Only need to practice about 10 minutes/day 

With all the above exercises, you will have about 2 hours to train your chickens. To avoid stressing your cocks, you should let them exercise alternately in the morning and afternoon.
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Good prevention 

At the same time, you should also clean and sanitize the chicken coop regularly. Control the temperature of the cage and vaccinate regularly. This way, you can prevent Newcastle disease, flu or Gumboro, etc. This is one of the factors to consider when Raising chickens to fight quickly until the battery.

Hopefully, through the above article, you will understand better how to raise fighting chickens quickly. Once it has reached the most ideal condition, you can bring the cock to many cockfighting arenas to compete and earn super profits. 

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