What is gray chicken? Decode interesting things about gray chickens in detail

What is gray chicken?? What advantages will this chicken breed have when competing on the field today? These will be answered in detail in the article below New88. Please follow along to catch interesting information.

What is gray chicken?

What is gray chicken?? This is a chicken breed with a characteristic gray color, more prominent than other chicken breeds today. They possess an extremely high level of playing ability that makes many people passionate. With its outstanding appearance and fighting ability, this chicken breed has made a strong impression on bettors.

These fighting chickens are rated higher by many experts than other chickens. The striking color is also a way to help you distinguish this quality chicken breed. Everyone should research carefully and find a chicken that suits their wishes.

Classification of gray chickens on the market today

When you finish researching What is a gray chicken? Then you need to know about the available chicken lines. Currently there are many different gray chickens, depending on human breeding. In general, there will be 3 most popular and commonly seen types of chicken such as:

  • Dry gray: these are chickens whose feathers are not shiny and somewhat rough. However, they are fighting cocks that possess powerful kicks, extremely good health and are easy to raise. This breed of chicken has the Wood network so you can consider choosing accordingly.
  • Iron gray: This gray chicken breed possesses a distinctive and outstanding gray plumage. Along with that, the pure black fur creates a mysterious and dangerous feeling when on the field. This breed of chicken carries the Metal element and has extremely good fighting ability.
  • Vermilion: These are cocks whose wing feathers are mostly gray, but with a few burgundy or orange feathers added. They also have colored spots on the tips of their wings or sometimes on their feathers. Those with Earth element can consider buying this chicken breed.

Tips for choosing gray chickens quickly

After getting information about What is a gray chicken? Then you can confidently learn how to choose the corresponding chicken. How to choose a chicken is a very important thing for many brothers to have a quality fighting cock. Depending on the unique characteristics of each cock, you can choose the best one and defeat your opponents. Let’s take a look at some information to help you find the right fighting cock.

Choose by foot color

Leg color is a very important factor and is prioritized to observe to determine whether the fighting cock is of good quality or not. Every quality fighting chicken will have leg color that stands out from other chickens that do not have it.
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Choose spur color

The colored part of the spur What is a gray chicken?? Choosing chicken according to chicken scales and spurs is a very important thing. You will observe their legs to know where these chickens have their strengths. There are hundreds of different types of chicken scales, so you need to observe carefully to choose.

What are the characteristics of an outstanding gray chicken?

Based on the above factors in choosing a chicken, people probably don’t understand how to choose one What is a gray chicken?. Below are a few factors that players should consider when choosing a fighting cock.

  • Gray chickens with blue legs and frog eyes: True calling chickens all possess this trait. As long as the chicken has green legs and frog eyes, you need to choose immediately without worrying about the feather color of the gray chicken. This is considered a brave fighting chicken breed and is the preferred choice of many brothers.
  • Gray chicken with white legs and white beak: This outstanding color helps these chickens show off their personality and strength. These fighting cocks will show their full effectiveness when on the field.
  • Yellow-legged gray chicken: Choosing the yellow-legged gray chicken breed will help you hold the winning card in your hand. Yellow chicken feet are considered the most popular type compared to the above chickens. Their impressive appearance has helped them attract countless cockfighters to choose from.

In addition to the above suggestions on choosing chickens, you also need to clearly understand the characteristics of chickens What is a gray chicken?. Along with that, refer to some suggestions from the cockerel to be able to make the most reasonable choice. Let the chicken try fighting or practice to see and evaluate the quality before buying it.


Any information related to What is a gray chicken? has been given to you through the above article. Hopefully this information will help you better understand this fighting chicken breed. Please follow and participate in betting at New88 to have quality bets.

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