Does Betting Take Over Time?

Bet on Does betting count overtime?? Professional bettors probably already know this information, but new players who don’t have much experience may not understand it yet. But this is very important information that everyone must know. The following OK9 will explain and tell you exactly about this information.

What is extra time?

Before knowing whether the betting odds include extra time or not, you need to know what extra time is to distinguish it from the main time.

Each regular football match will last 90 minutes including 2 halves of 45 minutes. In addition, depending on each specific match, the referee will decide whether to play extra time or not.

According to the regulations of the world football federation, extra time will officially be played if in the main period, neither team wins. Normally, extra time lasts 30 minutes and is divided into 2 small halves, each lasting 15 minutes and there is no break between the two halves.

When extra time begins, the referee will serve the ball to the team that served first in the first half. After playing the first 15-minute extra period, both teams will change courts and continue playing in the remaining half.

Calculate extra time

According to the regulations of the World Football Federation, after the end of extra time, if the two teams have not yet determined the winner or loser, the match will continue into extra time. Although extra time was added, it was not unduly extended. The decision on overtime, long or short, will depend on the referees’ assessment based on the actual situation of the match.

When the decision to play extra time for extra time has been made, the two teams will comply with the time and follow the regulations. Both teams will participate in an extra time match. If after extra time there is still no winner, the match will go to penalty kicks.

In general, those who are passionate about football will understand quite well about extra time. But many people still hesitate and wonder whether the betting odds include extra time or not.

Does betting take into account extra time?

Online soccer betting is a game that many people love and choose to participate in in the soccer betting field. To optimize the possibility of winning, players need to clearly understand the types of bets and related rules to make bets.

In fact, each bookmaker has specific regulations regarding bet levels and the ability to participate in betting in extra time. Normally, most bookmakers only allow players to bet during the main time of the match, usually 90 minutes. Extra periods or extra time are usually not bets on by bookmakers.

However, depending on the type of bet, there are cases where bookmakers are still open to betting on extra time. However, there are also types of bets that the bookmaker does not organize during extra time.

Cases where extra time is not counted in soccer betting

The answer above about Catching bets that include extra time is not really complete because there are bets where the bookmaker allows players to bet on extra time, but there are also bets that do not apply to extra time. Below are situations in soccer betting that do not include extra time:

  • Bet on the team to score the first goal.
  • Bet 1 x 2 during the match.
  • Bet on which player will score the first goal.
  • Betting on even/odd scores in each match.
  • Betting on the minute the first goal is scored.
  • Bet on goalscorer.
  • The player who scores the most goals.
  • The team with the highest score.

In these situations, excluding extra time is a specific rule so that players have a clear and detailed view when making bets related to factors such as goals, results and minutes of actions. Specific movements in the match.

Soccer bets include extra time

In addition to the answer about whether betting bets include extra time or not, there are also soccer bets that include extra time. You need to understand all the bets that apply during this time period so you don’t have any more questions during the game. Below are those odds for your reference:

Bet on whether there will be extra time or not

As the name suggests, this type of betting involves predicting whether the match will go to extra time or not. If extra time occurs, the winning bettor will be the one who bet on the occurrence of extra time. On the contrary, if the person who bets on the extra time situation not happening, they will lose.

In this type of bet, it does not matter how long the extra time is. Instead, it is important to know whether extra time will take place or not, which determines the outcome of the bet between the two sides.

Betting on the number of goals scored in extra time

In addition to betting in the main period on goals, there is also a way to bet on the number of goals in extra time. Here, players predict the total number of goals scored in extra time. This form of betting is receiving the attention and choice of many football betting enthusiasts.

Bettors do not need to care about who scores, but only the total number of goals in extra time. This way of playing is simple and not difficult for you to win and earn rewards.

Note: For this type of bet, if the match is abandoned before the end of extra time, the bet will not be considered valid. However, this situation rarely happens, so players can safely bet.
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Betting determines the match result

This form of betting attracts the participation of many betting lovers. In it, you will bet on away team/extra time or home team/extra time, and predict the final result of the match.

In addition to the element of luck, this bet also requires you to spend time carefully researching information about each team. By mastering information about the team, your betting decisions will become accurate, increasing your chances of winning when betting.

Notes on whether betting bets count extra time or not

When playing extra time bets, you also need to take certain notes. These help you win more and also minimize the risk of loss:

  • Calmness is an important factor in making correct betting decisions. You need to maintain calm so as not to be affected by emotions and make decisions based on current information. Especially don’t play when you’re hot or drunk, then you won’t know how much money you’ll lose and won’t even be aware of what you’re doing.
  • Each team will have its own characteristics, including strengths and weaknesses. Learning details about the team, including formation and previous match results, is important to increase your chances of winning.
  • Avoid betting based on personal feelings. Instead, calculate carefully and make decisions based on information and analysis. Feeling can bring random wins, but achieving long-term wins requires calculation.
  • Allocate your capital appropriately to ensure that even if you lose, you will not affect your daily life and personal expenses.
  • Research and consider carefully before choosing a bookmaker to ensure reputation, avoid fraud and ensure player safety. Reputable bookmakers will help protect your rights and create a fair betting environment.


Through the information shared in the article, surely everyone understands whether betting has extra time or not. Regardless of the type of bet chosen, everyone should consider the odds carefully before making a decision to bet on football. Good luck to everyone playing at OK9 Please!

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