Top 10 Shayari Book | पढ़े बेस्ट शायरी किताब

In this post we have prepared something special for you, in this post we have prepared a collection of top 10 shayari book. I like reading and writing poetry very much. So, who among you will be interested in reading and writing? Keeping that in mind, in this post we have read the 10 best shayari books.

To write anything, it is necessary to know our post words. For that you will need to read, so we have brought a collection of shayari books for you. You can order these shayari books digitally and physically.

Top 10 shayari books


 1. Diwan-e-Ghalib” by Mirza Ghalib**: Mirza Ghalib ki kavitayein aur shayari ka vishal sangrah, jismein unki gehri soch aur vyaktitva ka pratinidhitva kiya gaya hai.

2. Kulliyat-e-Iqbal” by Allama Muhammad Iqbal**: Allama Iqbal ke mahan kavya sangrah mein se ek, jismein unhone insaniyat, mohabbat, aur insaaniyat ke moolya sanskar ko vyakt kiya hai.


3. Mere Baad” by Munawwar Rana**: Munawwar Rana ke kavya sangrah mein se ek, jismein unhone samajik, rajnaitik aur vyaktigat muddo par apne andar ki awaz ko vyakt kiya hai.


4. Pakeeza Anchal” by Qamar Jalalabadi**: Qamar Jalalabadi ki nazmein aur shayari, jo mohabbat aur zindagi ke rango se bharpoor hai aur padhne wale ke dil ko chhoo leti hai.


5. Tarah-Tarah ke Shair” by Bashir Badr**: Bashir Badr ke shayari ka ek anokha sangrah, jo unki deep vyaktigat soch aur vyakaran ko darshaata hai.


6. Lafz Lafz” by Gulzar**: Gulzar ki shayari ka ek romanchak sangrah, jismein unhone har lafz mein apne andar ki kahaniyon ko samahit kiya hai.


7. Aankhon Aankhon Mein” by Javed Akhtar**: Javed Akhtar ki shayari ka ek manohar sangrah, jo ishq aur zindagi ke rango se bhara hai.


8. Yaadon ke Pagal Khana” by Rahat Indori**: Rahat Indori ke kavya sangrah mein se ek, jismein unhone apni shayari mein jazbaat aur gehraai ko darshaaya hai.


9. Ishq Mein Shahar Hona” by Amjad Islam Amjad**: Amjad Islam Amjad ki shayari ka ek madhur sangrah, jismein unhone ishq aur mohabbat ke anmol palon ko vyakt kiya hai.


10. Ghazal Usne Chhedi” by Nida Fazli**: Nida Fazli ki ghazalein, jo samajik, vyaktigat aur adhyatmik vishyon par adharit hai aur unki shayari ka ek anokha udaharan hai.

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