About us

About us

Hello, This is owner of this site . He is from Rajasthan ( India). He have completed their graduation. Now he is working for  website and blogging. 

When he was 17 year old that time he thought I want to be financially independent. But that time there was no other option to survive without parents. But when you he completed their 12 th standard. He started to finding way of earning and he was learning a lot of things at the time. And after some he find a genuine way of earning he decided to work hard for blogging.

Blogging was not easy when you have no idea of it. But if you learn a lot of thing about it then you can do it. So after learning something. He completely understand and started to work for blogging at free platform.

Sometime time he got it, this is not right of hardwork. So he bought WordPress and domain and started multiple domain at the time. And make them successfull domain.

After getting good results from site he started to sell them and  making profit as they paid to him. This is way of earning. Because he is not trusting on adsense to make more money but he know whenever I sell it I will make more profit.

This is the journey. Now he is working as same as before. If you are reading till the end means you are getting interested. If you have dream to do like that. Then hard work and make it possible.

Shayri-hindi website is created for the reason of love. love shayari , sad shayari, hindi quotes, motivational shayari, birthday wishes, festival shayri etc.

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